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Quick Details

Child Ages 5-16

10 Week Surf Program for Beginners

Our package surf lessons are for those of you who are serious about becoming the best surfer you can be.

Our 10 week program will have you joining other kids of a similar age and ability to enjoy and enhance your surfing whilst having a lot of fun. We will be operating one lesson per week over the weekend with times and days staying the same depending on which group you are in.

Our 10 week programs are suitable for total beginners or surfers who have had a couple of lessons but need a bit of help to fine-tune their skills. We also recommend package lessons for intermediate surfers who have purchased a new surfboard and are starting to paddle through the break zone to the back breaking waves.

Our expert coaches will work with you to begin to utilise the whole of the wave, to surf top to bottom in the more critical area of the wave, to work on your bottom turn and start to develop competent top turns.

Understanding positioning in the ocean and what waves to be paddling for is an important skill that needs to be developed and so your coach will be working with you to ensure you understand more complex surf awareness and ocean skills.

At the end of this 10 week program you will be able to surf all the way to the beach and have a great awareness of ocean safety.