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Surfer Group Lessons
Private 1 to 1 Lessons

Surf like a Pro!

ASA’s advanced surf coaching sessions, run by former WQS pro surfer Clayton Nienaber, are for those of you who want to rip!

In this coaching session, you learn the fundamentals of surfing, from equipment to wave choice to your mental approach. Our group lessons have produced rave reviews, and many participants come back on a regular basis.

Clayton runs through some theory with the group. Highlighting some basic fundamentals, you get a better understanding of the ocean, your equipment and your approach to surfing. The following morning, Clayton takes you surfing and gives you some exercises to highlight the theory learned the night before. In addition, your session is recorded for review later. The session review is where Clayton gives you a deeper insight. Here you learn what you may be doing right, wrong and what you should be doing to take your surfing to the next level.

Surf coaching in group sessions is a great way to spend a weekend. Get a bunch of mates together and book your session today!

One-on-One Coaching

If you prefer to learn on your own, we also offer private sessions with Clayton. A coaching session with Clayton takes your surfing to the next level using the most advanced coaching equipment available.

Some of these technologies include HeadZone Radio Helmet. This helmet system changes up the surf coaching process, enhancing the learning experience. By removing the delay between instruction, assessment and correction, you can speed up your learning while reducing downtime.

Waves and equipment may change, but the technique stays the same, and good technique equals good surfing.