I have never surfed before?

Perfect, we will teach you everything you need to know, from surfing all the way to the beach to weather patterns, rips, tides and everything else in between.

What if I am not a good swimmer?

You don’t have to be Ian Thorpe to learn how to surf, although basic swimming capability is needed, especially when you gain more confidence as a surfer. But don’t worry you will be supervised at all times.

Fitness levels?

A reasonable level of fitness is required when learning how to surf.


What if it is raining?

All surfing lessons and surfing adventures will go ahead unless it is unsafe to do so. Some of our best surfs have been in the travelers is a beautiful experience.


What do I need to bring?

Day lessons – Towel, sunscreen, water, hat, the clothes you are wearing and your bathers (Swimmers)
Adventures – Clothes to last you for your trip, towels, sunscreen, Bathers (swimmers), hat, camera, spending money and anything you think you might need. We supply all the stuff you need for surfing, sleeping, and eating.


What’s the age group?

From 5yrs to 105yrs everyone is welcome to enjoy the thrill of surfing. 17yrs and under will require an adult to join them. A reasonable level of fitness is required.


How many people will be on my tour?

We require a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 10 people so we can give you all close attention.


How much luggage can I bring?

One large bag and a small day pack.


Will the wetsuit fit me?

You will only need a wetsuit in the cooler months and yes we have wetsuits and equipment to suit all sizes.

What Plugs & Power adaptors do I need in Australia?

Australia uses 240V AC mains power.

Typical Power Adapter
Typical Australian outlet and power cord

I’m a competent surfer, can I come on an adventure?

Definitely, the tours are for everyone. We will be able to offer you advanced coaching to improve your technique and take you to where the waves are going off!

Can I join a tour once it has already started?

Yes. We have picked up points along the whole East Coast. Contact us for more info on 1300 499 617.



I’m travelling alone?

We have lots of solo travellers on our trips, and we look after everyone. You will have the time of you’re life and make lots of new friends.


Can I bring my own board/wetsuit?

For sure, we will see if the board is suited for your level of experience and if so, great!


Can I use my own transport?

For sure, just get in contact and we will steer you in the right direction.


I’m a vegetarian?

Don’t worry we cater for vegetarians, and for all other dietary requirements, we have got you covered, just let us know beforehand.


Do I need to tip?

Tipping is not customary in Australia, although if offered it is greatly accepted. 

Access to money?

You can access ATM machines or cash points everywhere up and down the East Coast.


Travel Insurance?

We frequently get asked about travel insurance. We strongly recommend that everyone should have one. We can sort this for you if required, or simply go to our travel insurance page and get a quick quote.


Sherry (China) "I had such a great time. Never thought I would be able to surf, but the instructors were patient and funny. I am so really enjoying the photos!!"  
Ally (Malaysia) “Great easy going instructors – Can tick surfing off the bucket list!”
Julia Eng (Hong Kong) “I had a wonderful surfing time here.  The instructors are really friendly and helpful.  They taught me some boomerang skills too which was really awesome!  I really had a fantastic day with Australian Surfing Adventures!  Love you guys! Definitely would come back again”
Jessica Najara (Miami FL, Cuba) "Coming into surfing I knew it was going to be hard but with Australian Surfing Adventures they made it super fun and were encouraging the whole way!  Even when I wanted to give up they were supportive and in the end I actually got to stand on the board!  I’m glad my friend and I picked Australian Surfing Adventures, because of them I am willing to surf again.  These guys have heaps of patience and are honestly the best!  I recommend Australian Surfing Adventures to everyone at any level. CHEERS"
Katharina Jakobsen (Denmark) “You guys are AWESOME!  This morning has been one of the best experiences I’ve had in Oz so far!  Thanks for being patient with us!  I’ve never done surfing before, but I actually feel like I could go out and do it by myself now. HIGH FIVE!"