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The day will be broken up into 3 parts; Surfing, Surf Fitness & Surf Yoga:

Step out into nature, feel the breeze of the ocean on your skin and your toes melting into the sand as you embark on your journey towards a healthier, fitter and more relaxed version of yourself with our Women Surf, Yoga & Wellness Day.

“Women Surf & Wellness Day “ looks at combining women’s passion for the ocean, adventure and being active, with a relaxing, holistic and healthy living approach to surfing through yoga. We strive to lure women away from their stressful, everyday lives and into the surf for one incredible, revitalising day!

FITNESS: Strong it’s the new sexy!

Our Surf Fitness class will focus upon basic fitness concepts, body strength, flexibility and balance, all of which are applied during surfing. We encourage all levels of fitness to join in and encourage individuals to train at a pace they feel comfortable. The environment will be a very positive, supportive one; we are all on a journey of healthier living together.

SURFING: Let the Ocean set you free!

Whether you are an experienced surfer or it’s your first time in the water, our instructors will cater to your specific needs, teaching you the basics of turning, paddling and getting up on your board, or improving your already existing skills.

Choose your level:

YOGA: Breath & Recover

Similar to the surfing, whether you’re a veteran yogi or have never been to a class, our yoga teacher will be sure to tailor the class to all levels. It will encompass gentle movements, stretches and breathing techniques, all of which interrelate to the movements made whilst surfing. Presence, mindfulness and awareness, body alignment and connection, breathing and energy flow are all vital components of our everyday lives that will be explored throughout the class.