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Where do I surf? Understanding Surf Reports

One of the hardest parts about learning to surf, aside from the actual standing up and riding the board, is knowing when and where to go for your next wave. Understanding how wind and tide affect the surf is an awesome skill to have when doing a surf trip on the East Coast of Australia….

Surf And Yoga

Yoga has been growing in popularity year after year and more so within the surfing community. Kelly Slater, Tom Carroll, Gerry Lopez and Mick Fanning are all big fans, so why is yoga so good for surfers and how can it help you radically improve your game? Breathe In, Breathe Out First and foremost, yoga…

East Coast Australian Surf Trip Tips

The East Coast of Australia is a mecca of pristine beaches and awesome surf, no matter what level, whether just starting out or surfed for decades, there are hundreds of kilometres of coastline to be explored and no better what to do than in a camper van. It’s roughly a 900 Kilometre trip from Gold…